Which wedding lingerie underneath my wedding dress

Once you've found the perfect wedding dress, the next step is to buy your bridal lingerie. Bridal lingerie forms the basis of your wedding dress, so it is important to make a good choice. Depending on your type of wedding dress, you can determine which bridal lingerie suits you best. Think for example of a vintage wedding dress, bohemian wedding dress, A-line wedding dress, short wedding dress, mermaid wedding dress or a lace wedding dress.

The right bridal lingerie under your wedding dress ensures that the dress looks its best and that you not only feel beautiful but also comfortable. All items in our bridal lingerie are designed with the mindset to give you the best support, comfort and shape. There are different types of bridal lingerie such as sexy lingerie, lingerie sets and also plus-size lingerie. There are also all kinds of accessories for our lingerie, such as a bra extension, adhesive bras, suspender belts and shoulder straps. View our schedule below and discover which bridal lingerie suits your wedding dress.

bridal lingerie underneath your wedding dress


Pick your bridal lingerie

Bridal lingerie bodysuit for wedding dress


A bodysuit is the perfect solution if you want to wear bridal lingerie that is not see-through. Non see-through lingerie can be useful for an A-line wedding dress with lace and an open back wedding dress. Although the bridal bodysuit is not necessarily a shapewear body, they still fall into the same category. Bodysuits have a corrective function that makes you slimmer. The bodysuits are made of smooth, seamless fabrics. Because of this, they are not see-through. The advantage of a bodysuit is that they offer the right firmness to give your body a nice shape without being visible. Depending on the model of your wedding dress, various bodies are available. For example, you can choose a body with open back or body with lace, where the back and décolleté are deeply cut. You can also chose our strapless body, it has a fully open back with adhesive strips in the cups for support and adhesive wings for attachment to the sides. Shop our bodies here.


wedding lingerie torselette for wedding dress


When you hear the word torselet you might think of a corset, but there is a difference. They are similar in shape, but where a corset usually has a hard and stiff fabric, a torsolette is made of a soft, supple fabric and elastic material. The close-fitting shape that the torsolette offers under a wedding dress ensures that your figure is corrected at the stomach and waist. The torselet not only accentuates your figure, it also ensures that a larger bust is nicely supported and that a smaller bust gets a push. This bridal lingerie will therefore undoubtedly look beautiful under an open-back, low-back wedding dress, an off-shoulder wedding dress or a strapless wedding dress. There are various torsolettes available for the bride. We have the torsolette low back, torsolette strapless and also the torsolette in large sizes. Shop our torsolettes here.

Are you considering buying a torsolette but are you unsure whether the size is right? Then take a look at our bra extensions. A bra extension is actually nothing more than a loose bra closure that you can attach to your bra, torselet or bustier with the hooks. In fact, you increase the size of your torselet in this way. With a bra extension you can close your torselet more easily and you will feel a lot more comfortable in it. The bra extensions are available in different lengths for your torselet, bustier and/or bra. View our bra extensions with 3, 2 or 4 hooks here. Also take a look at our size chart to find out exactly what your size is.



wedding lingerie bustier for wedding dress


The main difference between a torselet and a bustier is the length and the support. The bustier top is a bit shorter than the torselet. It is important to look at how your body is shaped in the bustier. The short model of the bustier could cause the bottom of your stomach to stick out and therefore be clearly visible: something you don't want to happen. If this happend to you, the torsolette is a better choice.
So why would you wear a bustier? The bustier comes to your waist, so your waist is extra emphasized and you will look slimmer this way. Just like the torselet, a bustier provides firmness and your bust is nicely accentuated and supported by the bustier bra. A bustier is best worn under a wedding dress with an open back, a wedding dress with a low back, an off-shoulder wedding dress or a strapless wedding dress. Make your choice in our webshop from a strapless bustier, low back bustier, bustier with lace or bustier in large sizes. Shop our bustiers here.

: Fits the cup of your bustier bra perfectly but does your bustier not close completely at the back? Then a bra extension is the solution. You can attach these to the closure of the bustier. They are available in various lengths for your bustier, torselet and/or bra. Choose a bra extension with 2, 3 or 4 hooks.

Bridal lingerie bra for wedding dress Self-adhesive bra

Underneath almost any type of wedding dress, a self-adhesive bra is a good idea to wear. A sticky bra is a strapless bra without a back. The main advantage of a self-adhesive bra is that it is not visible but offers the right support and shape like a normal bra without straps would. Sticky bras are neutral in color so they can't show through. They are the perfect base for a V-neck and open or low back wedding dress. There are different types of adhesive bras:

The self-adhesive bra or Wonderbra is a strapless push-up bra with not only adhesive cups but also adhesive wings on the side. With this bra you stick the cups on your breasts and stick the wings next to it. The bra is seamless and has a push up effect in the cups, accentuating the cleavage without being visible. The self-adhesive bras are comfortable, stay in place all day and are also reusable.

Push-up bra without a back / NuBra Ultra Lite

There are two types of this adhesive bra: the bra with front closure and the bra with strings. Both are, of course, bras without straps. The bra with front closure actually speaks for itself. After you have glued the cups to your breasts, fasten them at the front with the closure. This bra is also available with silicone cups. With the bra with strings, you stick cups in the same way, only in this case you pull the strings together at the front. In both cases, the breasts are pulled closer together and given an extra push. Now your breasts are just a little fuller, which ensures a beautifully shaped cleavage under a V-neck wedding dress or an open back wedding dress.

Invisible Lift-Up bra
This is a silicone bra with individual cups that provide a lifting effect. Because the silicone cups have to be applied individually, the middle part of the décolleté is exposed. At the top of the adhesive cups is an adhesive strip that you have to stick over your shoulders. This gives the breasts a lift. This ensures a beautifully shaped cleavage with sufficient firmness. Another advantage of the Invisible Lift-Up bra is the neutral color of the cups. The strips are also transparent so that you cannot see them under your wedding dress.


open back wedding dress
Low-back bridal lingerie

If you choose bridal lingerie for an open back wedding dress, you could go for an self-adhsesive bra, but low-back bridal lingerie is also an ideal alternative. You can choose from the torselet, bustier or bodysuit with a low back. With this bridal lingerie, the closure is not on the back, but around the waist. As a result, it cannot be seen on your back, but it still provides sturdiness. These low back torsolets and bustiers are also available with a push-up effect to not only support the bust but also give it an extra full shape.









bridal lingerie plus size wedding dress
Bridal Lingerie plus-sizes

The right bridal lingerie for your wedding dress is also essential for curvy brides. To which parts of your bridal lingerie should you exactly pay attention to with plus-size lingerie? With plus size lingerie, it is important to choose an item that shows off your curves and at the same time slims down those area's you want to hide. The right support will ensure that you will not only look beautiful in your wedding dress, but also feel good in it. You could also use a bra extension. You can attach this extension to the closure of your torselet, bustier or bra so that it is not too tight. Depending on your bridal lingerie, you can choose from a bra extension with 2, 3 or 4 hooks.

Check out the schedule above which type of bridal lingerie best suits your wedding dress and choose the right plus-size bridal lingerie.







bridal lingerie shapewear for wedding dress


When you're wearing your wedding dress, you want your figure to look it's best. To achieve that, you sometimes want to correct certain parts of your body. Shapewear is the perfect solution for this. The Beautiful Bride Shop has different types of shapewear that can offer support and a corrective function for every body type. Think, for example, of waist shaping shorts, these support you up to the waist or bust and have extra shaping at the abdomen, which makes your belly slim. They also have legs that go above the knee so in case you have some cellulite on the legs and buttocks, this will no longer be visible.
Another option is the shaping slip dress. This corrects the body from stomach to thighs and has a low back. For tight wedding dresses, the corrective slip is a must have!

Bridal lingerie panties wedding dress


If you're wearing a tight wedding dress, you don't want the edges of your underwear showing through. We therefore advise you to wear a thong or strapless strip. The strapless strip is adhesive and very easy to apply and remove. Both are seamless, comfortable and above all not visible in a tight wedding dress. It is wise to wear hipster slips or shorts under a wide wedding dress. Where these would shine through underneath a tight wedding dress, in this case they offer extra protection. If you are unexpectedly lifted up on your wedding day or if the wind is blowing your dress up, you don't want to be "exposed". A hipster slip or short is comfortable and also ensures that you are well covered.








Bruidslingerie accessoires

Bruidslingerie bh tape trouwjurk

Cleavage Tape

For a V-neck or halter-shaped wedding dresses where the center of the cleavage and back are completely open, cleavage tape can help keep your breasts in place. Using the tape is simple: after attaching the nipple patches, stick the transparent tape to the bottom of your breast and pull it up. This way you can easily create a beautiful shape in your cleavage.


Bruidslingerie cups voor trouwjurk

Bra Cups

Does your bra, torselet or bustier not provide enough support for your breasts? Then it is an idea to use bra cups, or bra filling. The perfect thing about these bra cups is that you can use them separately in your bridal lingerie or wedding dress, or you can choose to sew them in. The Beautiful Bride Shop offers bra cups made of foam padding and gel.



Bruidslingerie bh verlengstuk voor trouwjurk

Bra Extender

Are you considering buying a torsolette but are you unsure whether the size is right? Then take a look at a bra extension. A bra extension is actually nothing more than a loose bra closure that you can attach to your bra, torselet or bustier with the hooks. In fact, you increase the size of your torselet in this way. With a bra extension you can close your torselet more easily and you will feel a lot more comfortable. The bra extensions are available in different lengths for your torselet, bustier and/or bra. View our bra extensions with 3, 2 or 4 hooks here.


Bruidslingerie sticky straps voor trouwjurk

Sticky Straps

If you are afraid that your strapless wedding dress will not stay in place, that your adhesive bra doesn't sticks well or that your wedding gloves slip off? Then our sticky straps offer the solution. The sticky strap is a double-sided tape that is used for attaching fabric-to-fabric or fabric-to-skin. This way you can be sure that your bridal lingerie and accessories will stay in the right place and you don't have to worry about that on your big day.


Bruidslingerie stockings voor trouwjurk

Lingerie Stockings and Garter Belts

Lingerie stockings are a nice addition to your wedding dress because it looks beautiful in combination with your bridal lingerie. The tights ensure that your legs stay nice and tight and the lace trim looks very sexy. Our lingerie stockings are available in two colours: Cosmetic White for light skin and Gobi for tinted skin. Tip: combine your lingerie stockings with our suspender belts to complete your look! Suspender belts have the function of holding up the lingerie stockings. First of all put on your stockings, preferably do this while sitting so that they are at the right height when you are standing. The straps of the suspender belt have hooks that you can attach to your stockings. Attach the front hooks first and then the back hooks. Suspender belts provide the assurance that your lingerie stockings will not slip, and you are guaranteed to feel sexy in them.


Wedding dress features

Do you want to buy your wedding dress online but do you find it difficult to make the right choice? Read here our advice on how to choose the right wedding dress and what you should pay attention to.


Bruidslingerie voor trouwjurk kant

Wedding dress lace

With a lace wedding dress, some parts of the dress may be transparent. That is why it is important to choose the right bridal lingerie. Bridal lingerie must provide firmness and comfort, but above all, it must not be transparent. There are several options for bridal lingerie for a lace wedding dress. Check out our schedule at the top of the page to discover which bridal lingerie best suits this type of wedding dress.

Bruidslingerie voor trouwjurk v-hals

Wedding dress V-neck

When we talk about a V-neck wedding dress, we are talking about a wedding dress with a deep cleavage or with an open, deep neckline in a V-shape with the focus on the cleavage. It is therefore important to wear bridal lingerie that offers the right support and shape without being visible. For this type of wedding dress it is best to think of a sticky bra or cups. In the diagram above you can see exactly which one suits your dress best.

Bruidslingerie voor trouwjurk open rug

Wedding dress backless

With an backless wedding dress you can think of a wedding dress with a deep cut back or where the back is completely exposed. With this type of wedding dress, it is therefore important to choose bridal lingerie that does not have a back so that nothing can be seen on the back. In the diagram at the top of the page you will discover which bridal lingerie best suits this type of wedding dress.

Bruidslingerie voor trouwjurk lage rug

Wedding dress low back

A low back wedding dress is a dress with a partially open back or partially cut-out back. The difference between an open back wedding dress and a low back wedding dress is that with a low back, bridal lingerie may have a visible back as long as it has a low cut; you won't see this one anyway. Think of a torselet or bustier with a low back. View the schedule at the top of the page to make the choice for your bridal lingerie.

bridal lingerie for wedding dress strapless

Wedding dress Strapless

A strapless wedding dress can be either an off-shoulder wedding dress or a wedding dress with a Carmen neckline. With this wedding dress, the shoulders are completely free and it is therefore important that the bust and waist are nicely accentuated. Bridal lingerie that forms the right basis for this is, for example, a torselet or a bustier. Both are available strapless and ensure that your waist is corrected and supported so that the dress comes into its own.

Maternity underwear for wedding dresses

Are you getting married during your pregnancy? Then you are probably ready for a position wedding dress. And of course that includes maternity underwear so that you feel comfortable all day long. The right maternity lingerie will ensure that your beautiful belly and the rest of your body have extra support. If you are in an advanced stage of your pregnancy, it is wise to purchase maternity underwear that is specially made for this. If you are still in the early stages, the bras and shapewear collection from The Beautiful Bride Shop offer excellent support and form a good basis for your wedding dress position. Check out the chart above to make the right choice for your bridal lingerie.

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