Advice for buying an online wedding dress

Something super fun is waiting for you, you're getting married! And of course that includes a wedding dress. When buying wedding dresses you probably think of visiting countless stores, measuring and trying on a whole day in the store looking for the perfect dress and then waiting weeks for it to be made to fit you. Of course there is a much easier (and cheaper) way. The Beautiful Bride shop offers various wedding dresses in different models and sizes. Buying a wedding dress online is slightly different than in the store. That’s why we would like to explain to you how you can easily, step by step, buy your dream wedding dress online!

Why sould I buy my wedding dress online?

One of the biggest advantages of buying a wedding dress online is that you can find cheap wedding dresses online, saving you hundreds of euros on your wedding budget! Now you don't have to deal with the extra services of a bridal shop that means you only pay for the dress itself. Buying a cheap wedding dress online actually means the same look and quality for a cheaper price. There is plenty of choice when it comes to wedding dresses for a small budget. Moreover, you can of course use the money you save for accessories or other bridal items.

Do you want to get married but not in a wedding dress? Then The Beautiful Bride Shop also has plenty of beautiful things in its range for you. For example, have you already looked at our Mix and Match range? These are super beautiful sets that work perfect as a wedding dress. That these sets 'are not real wedding dresses' may be exactly what you are looking for.

If you are short on time, ordering a wedding dress online can be the perfect solution. At The Beautiful Bride Shop, wedding dresses are often immediately available and you do not have to wait months for your dress to be ordered and delivered. Ordering and having your wedding dress altered yourself could save you weeks compared to the delivery time of a physical bridal shop, you are now ready to walk to the altar in no time. Read on to find out which wedding dress suits your figure best, how to measure your size and what to keep in mind when having your wedding dress altered. 

Which wedding dress type suits me?

When ordering a wedding dress online, you don't have to try on dozens of dresses first to see which one looks best on you. Perhaps you are wondering 'which wedding dress suits me'? To help you with this, we have prepared a number of tips for you that you can follow to find out which wedding dress suits your figure best. The diagram below is a good guideline to determine which wedding dress might be the one for you:

which wedding dress suits me

Straight figure:
Are your hips, waist and shoulders the same width? Then you have a straight figure. It suits you best to go for an A-line wedding dress that accentuates the waist. With a nice belt you put extra emphasis on your narrow waist. It may sound crazy, but a sheath wedding dress also looks great with a straight figure. The straight shape makes you look extra tall. A wedding dress or top with a V-neck ensures that there is less emphasis on your shoulder, making your hips look wider and your waist narrower.

Pear figure:
Do you have wide hips with a slim waist and are your shoulders narrower than your hips? Then you have a pear figure! With this shape, it is nice if you focus on your upper body in order to make your figure a bit 'more even'. By choosing a wedding dress or top with a lace bodice, a V-neck or a wedding dress with beautiful sleeves, your upper body will stand out. A strapless wedding dress also fits well with your figure because it emphasizes your beautiful shoulders. How much you want to show your hips is up to you. Accentuate them with a beautiful A-line wedding dress or hide them by wearing a princess wedding dress.

Diamond figure:
If you have broad shoulders with a slim waist and narrow hips, then you are a real diamond. It suits you best to choose a wedding dress or a skirt that flares at the waist, such as a princess wedding dress. If the top of your dress or the top you choose is nice and tight, it will look like your torso is a bit longer. In combination with the wide princess skirt you create the effect of an hourglass figure. A good tip is to wear a petticoat, this ensures that you create more volume in your skirt, so that it flares out nicely.

Apple figure:
You have an apple figure if you have a round figure with full breasts, hips and waist. By wearing a wedding dress that slims your waist, you ensure that your body gets a beautifully defined shape. Think of a princess wedding dress or A-line wedding dress. These shapes have a tight bodice that hugs the bust and defines your waist. The loose or wide skirt ensures that your hips are drawn in line with the rest of your body.

Hourglass figure:
Do you have full breasts, full hips and a narrow waist? Then you have an hourglass figure and you can consider yourself lucky because with your figure you can wear almost any wedding dress. Think especially of wedding dresses that emphasize your curves, such as a mermaid wedding dress. Would you rather not show your curves? Then go for a princess wedding dress or an A-line wedding dress. With these dresses you decide how wide you want your dress to flare out so that you not only feel beautiful on your big day, but also comfortable.

Something important that you can’t forget is your wedding lingerie! Maybe you want to hide your belly or accentuate your V-neckline. Be sure to find the right wedding lingerie for your wedding dress!

How do I measure my size?

Now that you know which wedding dress suits your figure best,  and maybe you may have already selected a wedding dress, it's time to select the right size. It is wise to measure yourself before ordering your dress to make sure that your wedding dress is not too big, but also not too small. When in doubt, it is better to choose a size larger, you can always have a bigger size taken in.

To measure, use a flexible tape measure and pull it straight across your body. Make sure the ribbon hugs your body but doesn't pinch. To make sure you are measured in the right places, it is better to have someone else measure you. Another person is able to keep the measuring tape straight. It is also important to stand up straight and wear your bridal shoes. Follow the steps below to measure your size:

how to measure your size
View our size charts in the FAQ for a comprehensive overview of all size charts of our different brands and products.

How should I fit my wedding dress?

We advise you try on your wedding dress with your bridal lingerie, petticoat and bridal shoes on so that you see the complete result. We advise you to stand on an elevation when trying on the dress. The dresses we supply are often a bit longer, so that every bride can buy a dress that suits her height. If the dress is too long, you can have it taken by a tailor/seamstress.

How do I get my wedding dress altered?

After you have received your wedding dress, it may be the case that, even though you have chosen the right size, the dress does not fit perfectly. For example, it is just a little too wide, too tight or too long. It is important that your wedding dress is adjusted to your body, for this you need a seamstress. You may now think that this is not necessary because you or someone close to you can sew well; why would you incur extra costs for a seamstress? But altering a wedding dress is certainly a profession in its own right. It's meticulous work and since this may be the most important dress of your life, you don't want anything to go wrong. It is therefore essential that your wedding dress is professionally altered. We explain step by step how this process works and what you should pay attention to.

Follow these tips to make sure your alteration appointment with the seamstress goes smoothly:

  • Make your appointment as early as possible, preferably immediately after you have ordered your wedding dress.
  • Go to your appointment prepared. For example, make a list of things you would like to have altered.
  • Bring your bridal lingerie, petticoat,bridal shoes and possibly your veil with you to the appointment. The tailor can then determine the true length and shape of your wedding dress and assess where the adjustments should take place.

Alteration options for your wedding dress

When customizing your wedding dress, there will be much more possible than what you might think. At most places it is possible to make the following adjustments:

  • Shorten your wedding dress: If your dress is too long, the dressmaker will be able to shorten it perfectly to your liking.
  • Shorten your dress: If your dress is too long, the dressmaker will be able to shorten it perfectly to your liking.
  • Taking in: If your dress is too loose, it will usually be taken in along the seam of the placket and the side seams of the dress. This cannot be seen afterwards and the wedding dress will fit you like a glove.
  • Extend your dress: Is your dress too tight? The seamstress can make it wider by making an insert. If there is a wide hem in the side seam, it may also be possible to extend it. Please note that it is more complicated to make a dress larger than to make it smaller. When in doubt, therefore, when ordering your wedding dress, rather take a size larger.
  • Attach or remove sleeves: Would you like to cover your arms with a short or long sleeve? Or do you have a wedding dress with sleeves and do you want to shorten it or remove it completely? Both options are possible. You could also choose to have spaghetti straps attached.
  • Make wedding dress strapless: Change your wedding dress to a strapless or off-shoulder look or have the cleavage cut a little deeper.
  • Shorten the sleep: If you find your sleep too long, you can have it shortened to your desired length.
  • Adjust neckline: Raise your neckline if you want to cover your cleavage more. Do you want to show more cleavage? Then let the neckline cut a little deeper.
  • Add or remove extra details: Think of, for example, pearls, diamonds, buttons or other kinds of details. The seamstress can often attach these to the places you want, or remove them if it's not quite your thing.

Frequently asked questions about ordering a wedding dress online:

Where can I buy a wedding dress online?
The Beautiful Bride Shop offers wedding dresses in different styles and sizes and are immediately available. Order your wedding dress today!

How do I know which wedding dress is right for me?
We understand that it is difficult to choose the right wedding dress when there is such a large selection. Check out our wedding dress guide at the top of the page to find out which dress suits your body shape.

Can I try on the wedding dress before ordering?
Unfortunately, it is not (yet) possible to try on wedding dresses at our office.

What do I wear under my wedding dress?
The right bridal lingerie is crucial to make sure your wedding dress holds the right, and best possible, shape on your figure. Of course you don't want your underwear to be visible or your shapes not to be nicely accentuated. We also recommend wearing a petticoat, this way your legs have more room to move and to create more volume in your dress.

How do I know what my size is?
We advise you to measure your size manually so that you are sure that you order the wedding dress in the right size. Our extensive size chart explains step by step how you can best measure yourself.

What if my dress doesn't fit properly?
If in doubt, we advise you to order a larger size, because you can still have a larger size changed. You can have your wedding dress altered at a local dressmaker/seamstress in your area.

Can The Beautiful Bride Shop alter my wedding dress?
Unfortunately we do not offer an alteration service ourselves. You can always contact a tailor in your area.

What if my wedding dress still doesn’t fit after it has been altered?
Sorry to hear that your wedding dress still doesn’t fit after it has been altered. We advise you to discuss this with your seamstress so that you can look for a suitable solution together.

Can I still exchange/return my wedding dress/purchase?
Is the wedding dress or item you ordered not to your liking? Then you can of course exchange this for another item free of charge within 60 days or return it at your own expense. Read our return conditions and the return process here.

NB! As soon as the wedding dress (or other product) is no longer in its original state, it is unfortunately no longer possible to exchange or return it.

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