Talking Tables Wedding Pong

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The wedding version of beer pong: wedding pong. Place the trendy, silver glasses, filled with your favourite drink, on the table and let the games begin! This game is reusable, so you can still play it after the wedding, together with your friends.

This is how you play:
When it’s your turn, you need to try to throw the ball in one of the glasses. If the ball lands in a glass, one of the opposite players must drink its content. If you lose, it’s the opposite team’s turn. Play the game until one of the team’s glasses are all empty. Cheers!

Measurements: 29cm (W) x 18,5 (L)
Content: 12 glasses, 3 pink pingpong balls, fizz not included
Material: plastic
Brand: Talking Tables
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Brand Talking Tables
Colour Ivory