Luxe kanten BH, Poirier-Ivory-75C

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Deze luxe strapless Poirier BH van Poirier (123) is afgewerkt met romantisch kant. De zachte voorgevormde cups geven een hoog draagcomfort en een perfecte pasvorm. Deze bh is zeer geschikt voor de grotere omvang en cupmaten. Diverse bijpassende slips, strings en hipsters maken het compleet.

Specifieke kenmerken van BH 123:

- Strapless, ook in grotere maten
- Zachte, voorgevormde cups
- Hoog draagcomfort
- Luxe verpakking

Colors: iwit, ivoor en zwart

To determine the right lingerie size, two girth measurements are needed: the girth under the bust and the bust size. The size table can be used to determine the correct lingerie size.

Step 1: Measure the girth under the bust (ribcage) to determine the circumference size
Step 2: Measure the girth across the bust (fullest point) to determine the cup size

Cup size is too large
First check to make sure the torsolette is pulled downwards enough at the back, so that the cups fit properly on the front. The cup must fit closely around the bottom of the bust (ribcage). If there are folds in the cups or if the breasts hang too low in the cups, the cup is too large. In this case, use the push-up cups or a smaller cup size with the same ribcage size.

Cup size is too small
If the underwire supports are too far from the body and/or pressed under the arms, the cups are too small. In this case, use a larger cup with

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Color Ivory
Designer Poirier