Chloé lace Torsolette 14300, Poirier-85B

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This perfectly finished torsolette from Poirier (14 300) was specially developed for brides. The unique design and materials used provide the perfect fit under any gown. Fine lace gives this Poirier torsolette a romantic and luxury look.

Color: ivory

Specific features of the 14 300 'Chloé' lace torsolette:

- Deep décolleté
- Push-up effect
- Strapless
- Top-quality materials
- Very low back
- Figure-corrective
- Soft, pre-formed cups
- Removable garters
- Includes shoulder straps
- Luxury packaging
- Made in Europe

To determine the right lingerie size, two girth measurements are needed: the girth under the bust and the bust size. The size table can be used to determine the correct lingerie size.

Step 1: Measure the girth under the bust (ribcage) to determine the circumference size
Step 2: Measure the girth across the bust (fullest point) to determine the cup size

My lingerie size

Cup size is too large
First check to make sure the torsolette is pulled downwards enough at the back, so that the cups fit properly on the front. The cup must fit closely around the bottom of the bust (ribcage). If there are folds in the cups or if the breasts hang too low in the cups, the cup is too large. In this case, use the push-up cups or a smaller cup size with the same ribcage size.

Cup size is too small
If the underwire supports are too far from the body and/or pressed under the arms, the cups are too small. In this case, use a larger cup with the same ribcage size.

Cup size is good, but ribcage size is not
In this case, use a different girth size as well as a different cup. If the girth becomes larger/smaller, the cup will also become larger/smaller! For example: The cup fits right with size 85C, but the girth is too small. Try a 90B (not a 90C), since a 90B has the same cup as an 85C, but a larger girth.

The lingerie size does not exist
Poirier lingerie is available in sizes 70A to 110F. It is possible, however, that the size needed falls outside of this range or that a particular model in the size needed does not exist. Possible solutions:
- Use fasteners (hook and eye strap) as an insert to increase the girth (ribcage). For example: 100A = 95B + hook and eye strap.
- Determine an alternative size. For example: use an 85G for 80G.
- Use push-up cups if the girth is good, but the cup is too large. For example: 90A = 90B + push-up cup.
More Information
Color Ivory
Designer Poirier